A few weeks ago I woke up feeling completely defeated. Nothing was going my way and everything just seemed exhausting. I wanted to crawl into my bed and be magically transported to anywhere other than here. So I made a call and ran away from every problem.

I always hate that the majority of my friends don’t live anywhere near me, but in moments like this, it works to my advantage. One my amazing travel partners picked up and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio not too long ago and I decided that a long weekend surrounded by fun and love was precisely what I needed. All that was left was Erin saying YES.

I booked my flight Tuesday morning at about 1am (I truly believe that Tuesdays are the best days to book flights) and left Friday night for a 3 day weekend in CinCity. I won’t lie, I had no idea what to expect from this trip. All I knew was that I needed to forget and focus on something new and exciting.

After waiting for hours on delay at the airport, arriving in Ohio Friday night was the best thing. We spent the whole night catching up, drinking wine and reminiscing. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day and began our walk to the Ohio River. The entire area was immaculate. It was clean, the people were friendly, and did I mention it was beautiful?

We headed to Jefferson Social for lunch, sangria and tacos, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, a few things. The sangria had some peach schnapps which gave it an odd taste, and the tacos were a bit too spicy for me, even after I asked about the spice level. That being said, everything was cooked well and the guacamole was pretty good.

After that we started the long walk to Rhinegeist. Rhinegeist literally translate to “Ghost of the Rhine” and is located in the OTR or Over-The-Rhine area of Cincy. On the way we passed the beautiful Findlay Market. Filled with cute shops, fresh eats and tons of locals, Findlay Market is the perfect place to pick up a few things or just meander about for a while.

When we finally reached the brewery I was thrilled to discover it was located in an old bottling plant that while having been updated, had still kept many of the original features. I tried a few beers and ciders, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. When I was first told about Rhinegeist I was a bit hesitant that it wouldn’t be good or I wouldn’t find anything, but I was incredibly wrong. Everyone was friendly and allowed lots of tastings which always helps. Plus, there was a rooftop area which was magnificent. The views were lovely, the weather was great, the bartenders rocked, and the beer was delicious. I would head back there a million times over.

That night we decided to enjoy a low-key dinner at a local Pub, Nicholson’s. It’s listed as a Scottish-American gastropub. I had a quintessential across the pond meal of fish and chips which was just ok. The fish was overcooked, but the fries were pretty damn good and the beer was cold.


Nicholson’s was really just to fill our bellies for our good time at Tin Roof. Walking into Tin Roof felt like going back to the days of frat boys, sorority girls and adults way to old for the entire environment. That being said, there was a live band who were great, beers the size of my head, and super friendly (sometimes overly friendly) people. The whole place was just a great time.

The following day it decided to rain from morning until night, so we kept it pretty relaxed. On a side note, we wanted to do brunch, on the east coast, brunch runs from morning until nearly 4pm. In Ohio, brunch apparently stops at 1pm. So we were not prepared after our extremely relaxing wake up to head straight to brunch, so we missed it. But we definitely made up for it on Monday morning. Hang over easy was the perfect end to my CinCity trip. Great food, great drinks, great service. It’s located near the college so it’s a bit of a drive to get to (or really long walk) but worth it in the end. I wish I had photos of its beauty, but I was starving so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now that I have returned to life on the east coast, I sometimes miss the relaxed pace of my CinCity trip. More than that I miss though, I miss my friend and the great hospitality. No, Cincinnati is not a European adventure, and no, you won’t be surrounded by ancient old stuff, as I like to call artifacts, but it is worth it. Cincinnati is relaxing and quite beautiful. There’s definitely enough to do for a long weekend. In fact, there’s a few hikes I want to check out with my friend so I see a revisit in my future. In the meantime, I will start plotting my next adventure and maybe you’ll start plotting one for Ohio. Did you ever think you’d read that sentence?


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