Walking High

To say that there are a lot of things to do in New York City would be a massive understatement. There’s everything from shopping, to museums, history, hikes, you can basically do it all on that tiny island. But after being in there a few times you start to love certain places more than others and you may begin to repeat those favorites instead of adventuring to something new. The NY High Line is definitely one of those repeat events for me.

The New York City High Line was originally made for trains to commute above the city, now it is a place for the people. The High Line is a 1.45 mile long structure that encompasses beautiful landscaping while keep the old railway structure. It has become a beautiful juxtaposition of the hard NY skyscrapers with the gentleness of the landscape. It is definitely something to experience. There’s always something new happening or a chance to notice something that you may have overlooked.

Flora and fauna aren’t the only things you’ll discover on your walk from Gansevoort Street to 34th. The High Line is also an amazing place for cultural events, art installations, performance artists, classes, and even snacks along the way. You can find everything from coffee and ice cream, to soda and sandwiches. That’s right you can find everything in one beautiful, high in the sky location. Which means you can discover new foods while taking in those incredible views.

And about those views! They are simply incredible and on a nice day it really can’t be beat. I went on a chilly-ish November weekend, and while the High Line can certainly get congested, it wasn’t too bad. I will say that the earlier you go the better, but watch out for those runners speeding past.

Oh, and did I happen to mention all of this incredibleness is free? So take a stroll of a New York from a different perspective and see what you can discover.



9 thoughts on “Walking High

  1. Flo says:

    I LOVE the High Line! It’s so great that Chelsea Market is right there so you can grab some lunch and eat outdoors when it’s a nice day. I always tell friends who are visiting New York NOT to skip this place 🙂 Lovely photos!

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  2. Diana Chen says:

    The high line is one of my favorite places in NYC! It’s also fun walking through the meatpacking district to get to the high line and to think that at some point in history those buildings were all slaughterhouses!


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