Dollar Shave Club

Not too long ago I saw a bunch of ads about Dollar Shave Club, DSC. As a young girl, I used the typical hot pink “girl” razor. I thought “but it’s made for me!” Of course, the older I got the more that I wondered what the difference really is aside from the price tag. A few years ago, I borrowed a man’s razor and Oh My God, it was the absolute best shave, and I never went back to those girly things.

When I finally took real notice of the DSC, I was immediately concerned that the quality wouldn’t be great for the price. How on earth could a razor cost so little and actually be good at its one and only job? The program is easy, there are 3 levels. The first costs $1 a month (+ $2 shipping and handling) this program, “the humble twin,” has 2 blades and gives you 5 extra cartridges a month. The middle child is called “the 4x,” and has, you guessed it, 4 blades. You receive 4 cartridges at a time and this program costs $6 a month and ships free. Last but certainly not least, is “the executive,” the big daddy of the options. This plan features a 6 blade razor, 4 cartridges, free shipping, and a trimmer edge on the blade. Each starter kit also includes the handle and you can purchase an extra if you want to share, but trust me you won’t want to. Plus, you can schedule your shipment every month, or every other month to suit your shaving needs.

Originally, I was going to sign up for the 4x program until I noticed a special that the site was running. For $8 I got the executive and shave butter, which I was already considering buying after reading the reviews. About a week after I placed my order my adorable little box arrived. Everything was tucked neatly inside and honestly, I could not wait to shave. I don’t think I’ve had that thought since I was 12 and was dying to shave my legs for the first time.

For starters, the shave butter is delightful. I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve always thought the more foam the better and now here I was using something that was never going to work into a lather. It almost felt like using a conditioner on my legs and even after shaving that soft feeling remained. Now, that razor. Hot damn that razor. It’s perfection. Each stroke is a clean, close shave and my legs have never felt softer. I like to use the trimmer for cleaning up the bikini area, because the 6 blades are sometimes difficult to navigate into close areas. For this reason, I decided to drop down to the 4x level for my next shipment and give that a whirl. I also switched to the every other month because I think switching my razor every 2 weeks is perfect for me.

The bottom line on the Dollar Shave Club? The quality is great and you really can’t beat the price. Plus, if you’re anything like me and hate buying razors, it’s completely mindless and simply shows up ready to be used!

Ready to try it for yourself? CLICK HERE!




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