Spruce Street Harbor

Every once in a while the city of Philadelphia comes up with a glorious idea. Spruce Street Harbor Park is one such idea. Located right on the Delaware River, Spruce Street Harbor has become a favorite by locals and tourists, and I am no exception.

Walking into Harbor park is a bit of a nightmare. It is always swarmed with people and in the summer that simply makes everything a bit hotter. Once you’ve learned where things are though, it becomes much easier to navigate. I have a few favorite spots, but first a bit about the Harbor.

Starting in late Spring until early Fall, the Harbor becomes inundated with food, drinks, hammocks and fountains. It basically becomes one of the best meeting spots in the city. While the park is open daily, the evening is when it really shines. The lights turn on and the cool air sweeps in making it the perfect atmosphere for a beer on the barge. But there’s so much more. This year you can get ice cream from Franklin Fountain, donuts by Federal and Tacos by Distrito. Seriously there is something for everyone.

Personally, I love heading out to the bar on the barge and relaxing there. It’s a bit more away from people but still have access to alcohol which is what really matters. The upside is that they only allow so many people on the barge, the downside is that if you leave you need to get back in the awful line. The moral of the story? Don’t leave the barge.

You can find hammocks and lawn games, ping pong and giant jenga, all for free. So if you’re in Philly it’s definitely a place to check out and kick back.

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