Grounds for Sculpture

I mentioned in a previous post that because I love to travel, my boyfriend and I try to find unique dates to go on. I’m not a huge fan of museums, but I like gardens so after a co-worker told me about Grounds for Sculpture, I knew I had to add it to our list.


GFS is located in Hamilton, NJ. If you buy your tickets online, they’re only $16 and timed. If you wait until you get there they’re $18 and you may not get right in.

The grounds themselves are very well maintained and the whole area tries to have a bit of a Monet vibe. I won’t say that you’ll be completely transported to Giverny, but the idea is definitely there. Complete with the Monet bridge, lily pads, and lotus flowers.


Walking through the grounds there is everything from art on the wall in the galleries, water features, sculptures that create smoke, and roaming peacocks.

Some of my personal favorites were the sculptures of paintings. The Renoir Girl and American Gothic were pretty damn grand. It was like walking right into the American Gothic painting. Very surreal.

Another one that was high on my list was images using a bit of perception. Both of these are actually sculptures that were “framed.” You can walk behind and actually get in the portrait of Mona Lisa, oh and those security guards aren’t real ;-).

We grabbed a little bite to eat at the Van Gogh Café, and it was surprisingly yum. The croissants were deliciously flakey, and they were able to warm the sandwiches. That being said, this particular café only sold pre-made items and coffee. And just as a warning, for what we ordered, it was a bit over priced.

I would return to check out Rat’s Restaurant. I’ve heard it’s pretty good, and I love the idea of the Monet theme within the restaurant. The photos online make it appear as though it will look like his house, I may have to break out some old photos to compare and contrast 🙂

Overall, the grounds were beautiful, and the sculptures were unique, and I would consider going back on a cooler day to wander the garden after a change in sculptures. It was a nice experience, and I’m glad we went, but really I think I’m just ready for the next adventure.



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