dating when you’d rather be traveling

I have been fortunate enough to meet a man who loves to feed my travel bug, as much as I do. Every day I wake up and go to a job that I love, but secretely wish were nonexistent so I could be on a plane heading anywhere. Doesn’t even have to be exotic, just somewhere that isn’t here.

When I first start dating people they do the sterotypical dinner, movies, that sort of thing. In my case though, it become very clear, very quickly, that I’d rather be going somewhere. Now, date nights, tend to go a bit differently. In order to mix things up and keep me guessing, we try to do dinner somewhere we haven’t been before. Or my personal favorite, in a town we’ve never been before. Now, we’re going somewhere new, to do something new, which is always right up my alley.

I am constantly planning a new trip. The last one was Indiana, now I’m planning to be a bridesmaid at Disney World, so that’s going to be on hell of a trip. My boyfriend will gladly entertain my crazy shenanigans while we drink wine at a new winery and talk about where I want to go next and how on earth we’ll pay for it.

Often times, when I can’t afford a big trip, these date nights in new cities and day trips to other states take a bit of the edge off. Because I live on the east coast, I can hit multiple states in a very short amount of time. I’ll research hiking trails, museums, monuments, and fabulous restaurants on a budget. That way when we get a spare weekend off, we’ll plan a day trip and I’ll be all ready to go. But you can even find something new in the big city nearest you, that’s how I discovered The Magic Gardens and Longwood Gardens.

Really anything can be made into an adventure if you try hard enough. When my best friend moved, I coerced her into going to dinner in the nearest town so we could stroll and snack. We ended up at an adorable Italian BYOB after walking through the center of town. She found a new restaurant close to her house, and a cute new town to shop in.

If you’re like me and love to travel, try making the most out of every experience, every car trip, every town. You’d be amazed how satisfied you can feel when you just go exploring your back yard.


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