Indy: burgers, beer and ball



That’s me en route, the enthusiasm is real


Planning for Indianapolis, Indiana was basically done for me. I was lucky enough to receive tickets to the women’s basketball NCAA Championship game to see the UCONN Huskies make history as a birthday gift from my amazing boyfriend.


10 hours later….I CAN SEE IT


Originally we were planning to leave from NJ Friday evening or Saturday morning for a Tuesday game, however, due to some scheduling problems, we had to completely change our schedule. We ended up leaving Monday after work, around 5, and driving through the evening. We arrived at 2am at the Omni Severin in Indy and was greeted by this beautiful showing:

For roughly the next hour I bounced off the walls and had a mild fan girl attack.

The next morning after casually telling Breanna Stewart to have a good game (yes, they were staying there) we enjoyed our included breakfast. Lots of cold cereal, yogurt, fruit, breads, and some hot stuff, meats, scrambled eggs, and French toast. Not the best tasting breakfast, but I’ve certainly had worse. We were fortunate that we had a few NCAA tables set up to help guide us to some of the major attractions to hit although I had done some research and had a vague idea of where to go.

For starters, we walked everywhere through Indy. I won’t say it was a short walk, but it manageable and the city was easy to navigate with just a map. Our first stop was to Monument Circle. Did you know that Indianapolis houses the most monuments outside of Washington DC? No? Neither did I. I’m sure I didn’t see all of them, but the Soldiers and Sailors monument in the center of Monument Circle, is quite lovely, plus the Indy sign that’s used in my featured photo is at S Meridian St and E Washington St, I know there are others, but this is the one I passed:

We took a lap around the circle before walking toward the Indiana State House:


Next up was the Indy Canals. The Canals are a 3 mile loop that go through White River State Park. We didn’t walk all of it, but of course, there were photos:

Along the canal is the NCAA Hall of Champions Museum. We were given buy one get one tickets to tour. Lots of NCAA gear and the actual museum is only $5, so  if it’s something you’re into it’s worth the money. They have some activities throughout as well as a basketball court, so it’s great for young ones.

Along our walk we also passed the hotel where Syracuse was staying and I had to take this photo:


After our long walk around Indianapolis, we headed back to the hotel to relax and figure out dinner. All in all our little day took about 4 hours. We strolled and took pictures, and really just enjoyed the city. One of our favorite things to do is just meander through a city seeing people and the sites and Indy was perfect for that. We continually commented that Indy didn’t feel like a big city. It was clean and quiet. Really it was like a suburb with some tall buildings strewn about.

Once a nap had been taken, we began looking up dinner locations. We decided to take the hike out to Bru. Figuring that when in Indiana one should have beer and burgers. Bru is located On Massachusetts Ave which is part of their Arts area. The walk to was a little shady, but nothing too bad, and the walk back was lovely.

Now the burgers. I like to think of myself as a professional burger taster. I don’t like every burger, but I like them thick, juicy, and hard to maintain. Bru was that perfectly. After going through many a beer choice, I was finally able to get one made roughly a mile from the restaurant by Sun King Brewing. I had the cream ale, it was light and easy to drink. Though I like my beers a bit heartier than this, it was still yummy. I unfortunately do not have a photo of my burger. I was hungry.

After our great food, and even better service, no really, he was awesome, we headed back to  Bankers Field House.


That’s when the magic happened. UCONN defeated Syracuse 82-51 to win their 4th straight championship, and 11th overall. I cried, it was amazing, and I am so thankful I was able to be there to watch history. As it is, I think I have re-watched the game another 3 times because honestly, I was so engulfed in everything that I may have blacked out.

As you can tell, I was pretty amped about it. The next day we ran into Chris Dailey, UCONN Assistant Coach at breakfast before we hit the road back to NJ. The drive was long and the trip was exhausting, but it was so worth it. Dallas, you’re next on the final four list so maybe there will be a Dallas post next year….? Nudge nudge amazing boyfriend, nudge nudge.

Pst You can see my walking map below the rest of my ridiculous photos



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