Hostel Must Haves

This is a follow up to the My Hostel Life post from last week.

When choosing a hostel it can be hard to narrow down the must haves. The things that are most important to a traveler varies person to person. Mine was always location. I sometimes settled for a so-so hostel so that I could be right in the action of a city or within walking distance of a boat. Second on my list was cleanliness. I would always read lots and lots and lots of reviews to try to find the cleanest place, mostly because I loathe insects.

In any case, once you narrow down your preferred area these are the next things that I like to check off the list.

  • Access to public transportation. I like to pull out the maps, google areas for safety and then find the nearest transit stop.
  • See if linens are included. As I mentioned before, that’s not always a given, but it definitely saves some room in your bag if your hostel will supply them.
  • Same goes for towels.
  • Most have washer/dryers. If you’re traveling for a while this is something you’re probably going to want.
  • Note for the ladies: check for hairdryers, or ask. They’re not a given so if you’re going to want to dry your hair double check, or bring your own.
  • This one sounds weird, but some hostels have curfews. If you’re anything like me you will want to spend sometime enjoying the evenings in your new local, a curfew will put a major damper on that.
  • Ask about breakfasts. It’s usually something light, cereal, toast, coffee, but it’s one less thing to pay for 🙂
  • WiFi. This may seem like a given, but it’s not. Make sure that WiFi is at least available, if not included.
  • Decent common area. This enables you to make lots of new friends and travel buddies!
  • Staying in a dorm style? I mentioned this already but BRING YOUR OWN LOCK!
  • Hidden fees. Like any hotel there can be hidden fees. Always read the fine print. Including the check-in/check-out times. The later the check-out the better.

Ready to book a hostel? Check out Hostel World or Hostel Bookers.

Have more questions? Leave them below. I hope that I helped. Happy Hostel-ing!

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