palm trees vs. snow

Ahhh Palm Springs. The land of golf, celebs on vacay (yes vacay), palm trees, desert and snow. This post is a mash up of 2 trips I took to the beautiful city of Palm Springs, California.

The first trip is one of drinks and desert. The second is a mash up of sand and snow. Palm Springs is an incredible little city about 90 minutes from Los Angeles. There is one main street full of cute shops and fabulous art galleries.

The first visit i stayed in this gorgeous hotel

The riviera also came equipped with a scrumptious restaurant and super friendly staff. I actually booked this hotel as a living social deal, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

During this trip I desperately wanted to see the San Andreas Fault line and meander through Joshua Tree National Park. As we arrived at the entrance to the park, I jumped out of the car to grab my sneakers out of the trunk, in preparation for my hike. I reached into my tiny bag and that’s when it hit me. I had forgotten my sneakers. Still, I remained undaunted! 254665_10150759585710562_6268729_n

With nothing else to put on, I marched on in my flip flops. I can definitely say that I don’t recommend it, but I’m glad I suffered through it.


That little ridge out in the distance, that would be the fault line. I. Made. It.

That’s when the actual hiking began though. We strolled through Joshua Tree until late and what I call snake time. That dusky time of day when the ground starts to get cool, and you’re wearing flip flops.

My next visit to Palm Springs was a little different. We stayed at the Hyatt. The front of the hotel looks something like this->


But the view from my balcony (yes, balcony) looked more like this->


(boy not included)

We decided that this trip would be even more outdoorsy than my previous. We started our day in 85 degree sunny weather, and headed to Mount San Jacinto State Park. First we took the aerial tramway to the top, and we were greeted with 50 degrees and snow.



Walking around was cold, stumbly, and gorgeous. I would recommend this over and over and absolutely everyone. After you freeze out in the snow, head back inside and grab a warm cider cocktail from the bar. This was by far one of my favorite things.

The next day we decided to stay a bit warmer. We drove into Indian Canyons and randomly picked a trail. Here’s a few shots from that experiment.

The moral of the story, everywhere is more than you think it is. Sometimes, adventure is just a tram ride away.


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