Finality in Frankfurt

I arrived in Frankfurt very late. The were issues on my train from Brussels. After deciding that I was simply to tired for another hour long train ride, I hopped in a cab and headed to my hotel/hostel. I say it that way because it had the prices of a hostel, but the conveniences of a hotel.

After another little mix up, and another cab ride, I got to my correct hotel (there were 2 in Frankfurt). And headed up to my room to get some sleep.

I woke to get an early start in the city. First up was breakfast. I never pass on an included breakfast. I find it saves me some extra money later as I’m not as hungry wandering around, plus I can usually snag a piece of fruit for the road.


On the way out, I snagged a map, walked to the train and arrived in the heart of Frankfurt. I spent the day strolling and wandering around. My morning was rainy and overcast, but walking along the Main River was relaxing and the perfect way to start my tour. I stumbled into Aldstadt, or Old City, and felt as though I had gone back in time. It was straight out of an old storybook.

While meandering around I found myself in the middle of a festival with food and wine and my was it delicious. I got myself a brat and a beer and was in my own little heaven.


Next was my mission to find Main Tower. Main Tower is an office building with an observation deck at the top. I won’t lie, trying to find this on foot was not easy, but eventually POOF there it was, and it was completely worth it.


After a long day coffee while people-watching was the perfect way to cap of my foot tour of Frankfurt. Was there more that I should have seen? Probably. But all on my lonesome, I walked the river, did Aldstadt, Zeil pedestrian mall, the financial area, and honestly felt like a local for a day.


Frankfurt was easy to navigate, and the airport the next day was just as easy. My journey ended on a high, literally and figuratively. There’s still so much more to see and do, but in the mean time, I’ll sit and plot my next big adventure.


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