Brussels by way of Luxembourg

Next up was a quick overnight in Brussels, which meant I had a lot to see in very little time. I know I miss a few things, but Brussels was beautiful.

I started by taking a bus from Saarbrucken, Germany to Luxembourg City, where I passed castles walls and had a quick lunch before boarding the train to Brussels.

Arriving in Brussels left me dazed and pretty confused. My amazing boyfriend had booked me a hotel while I was in transit and e-mailed me all of the information, which was amazing! But trying to find it on my little map was not so great. After heading in the complete wrong direction, I eventually found my way but not before passing some incredible scenery that I made a note to pass by later.

After finally stumbling into my hotel, I changed and headed back to the streets to find, well, everything. It didn’t take long for me to find the main square where there just so happened to be a Jazz festival going on. I had dinner and a waffle, and loved every minute!


The next day I spent the majority of it roaming. Attempting to follow a map that really led me to nowhere, which is secretly my favorite. I walked a lot, drank a little, and munched along the way.

20140526_110118 20140526_110615 20140526_110228

Then came the rain! Which I refused to let dampen my day (see what I did there?). So onward I went and wandered before heading out to Frankfurt. Brussels was a beautiful city filled with interesting people, but I wouldn’t say helpful necessarily. As a solo traveler, I tend to ask people questions along the way, and while Brussels was relatively easy to navigate, even the people who had jobs in the travel industry weren’t particularly helpful. But don’t let it stop you! The food, beer, and waffles completely make up for it!

20140526_133408 20140526_15182820140526_151837


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