more connected than ever?

Social media has its ups and downs. For those who use it in a positive way it includes checking in on people, seeing where that cutie from high school is now (married with kids), where that nerd from elementary school ended up (bioscience in NY), and that rebel without a cause that you secretly wanted to date (third stint in jail).

It can also be used to destroy and bash people. Which is never how I’ve seen or used the beauty that can be social media.

So today, while trying to become a normal person pre-caffeine, I scanned through facebook. There were a few new comments on a page I hadn’t visited in I don’t know how long. So I clicked. I landed on a page of someone I worked with years ago when I lived in LA. He was an actor and musician, close to my age bubble. We met in a hot spot restaurant on Sunset Blvd. I worked days and our shifts often overlapped. He was one of those emo/surfer looking guys, long shaggy hair and always with a guitar in his hands. He had a way of being able to connect with people and I admired his patience and ability to be in the moment.

Anyway, I started reading through the posts thinking that the photos of CD’s were about a new music release party or something like that. Instead, I found the photos of CD’s were in memory of the man that I once knew. No, we were never super close, but he made an impact on my life, and obviously on many other people. After some digging I learned that he passed away due to an aortic dissection which basically means that there was a tear in the aortic artery.

Stumbling across this information from years ago makes me think, where the hell was I? Yes, we all get busy and stressed and life takes us away in different directions, but thanks to social media, we are still closer than ever, that’s how I know that a girl from high school’s baby just took her first steps, and another got engaged, while another still just lost her mother. We turn to social media for support and acceptance and we need to remember that rather than using it to hurt someone.

I’m going to post a song by this man, Joseph Tobin, and I encourage you to do a little social media stalking and check in on your friends. You never know how they might be feeling, and you could be the shoulder they need to lean on.


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