Stay in Saarbrucken

My short 3 days in Saarbrucken, Germany was by far the most relaxing. For the first time during my vacation, I actually did close to nothing.

Saarbrucken is where my friend was staying as an au pair so it felt mandatory to make a visit. She and her family, generously allowed me to stay, and Erin even offered up her bed so I could be a bit more comfortable. My first day was nothing by sitting in the sunshine with some wine. It was glorious. We also spent a better part of the day trying to figure out how to make gluhwein (pronounced glue-vine) which is a winter drink (yes, this was spring). But, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

20140523_203013 20140523_201511

Erin and I took a few walks and drives while nanny-ing, and enjoyed this view->


One of the strangest things was taking the 20 minute drive into France, just because.


We had a drink and a snack, and headed back to Germany for a food a birthday party.


One of the greatest things about my time in Saarbrucken was feeling like I lived there. Staying with Erin, having a car, attending a birthday party, all of these things made me feel like I was at home rather than traveling around Europe.

20140524_202922(0) 20140524_194804 20140524_201158

My short stay in Saarbrucken was by far the most relaxing and it’s all thanks to me amazing friend. By the time I left, I felt ready to finish out my whirlwind adventure, next up, Brussels!



ps my stay in Saarbrucken also introduced me to one of my favorite beers-RADLER!

Go try it, it’s delightful!

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