Meandering through Munich

I won’t lie about it, I had 2 main things on my mind when I got to Munich. Get to Hofbrauhaus and see the Munich surfers.

I decided after my crazy travel day I would take it easy for the night and for the first time I ordered room service.


There was food but that’s not as important.

The next day I enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and headed into the city. I gave myself my own tour using a map, and lots of signs. One thing I love when traveling it really discovering a city, and Munich was full of places to discover.

20140522_120434 20140522_120409

The river was a beautiful place with people sun bathing and enjoying the outdoors. But no where was as incredible as the Munich surfers.


After a stroll the park I ventured upon my second hot spot-HOFBRAUHAUS. For those who don’t know, Hofbrauhaus is one of the oldest breweries, and the home of Octoberfest. Adolf Hitler actually drank there, and drinking a stein in their beer hall has always been on the list. 20140522_143732 20140522_135321 20140522_151218

Yes, I understand that I didn’t see much of Munich, but I ate in a beer hall, drank a stein, met some amazing people for lunch and saw a lot of beauty.

I’ll make it back and hopefully do a bit more, but for now that was the perfect taste.

Next time the tiny town of Saarbucken.


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