Perfection in Prague

After a long journey via train to Praha, I stepped off the platform dazed, exhausted, and on the hunt for WiFi so I could get a hold of one person, Erin. The whole reason for my trip was to meet her in Prague to share 3 glorious, girly, fairy tale filled days. Seeing Erin come down the escalator was a mash up of relief and sheer excitement. 8 month earlier, she jokingly told me to fly to Europe and see her, and here we were, finally together.

We headed over to get the keys to our AirBnb and proceeded to struggle with our bags over the cobble stone, through the random rain shower and past the tourists to our adorable apartment. Right outside our door was the best little market, full of hand made gifts and snacks.


There we ended up talking for the next hour, drinking wine and eating chocolate. Sometimes what you need in life is an adventure with your friend, but even more importantly, you just need to talk to her. After our excessive vent session we headed off to dinner in Old Town Square. Walking through Praha felt as though we had been transported back in time. It was truly like being in a real life Disney movie where we were playing the clever princesses who didn’t need a prince.


The next day we hopped on a bus for a short tour through this enchanted little city. We meandered along the city streets and eventually landed on Prague Castle which took a back seat to our discovery of a dinner cruise-YES PLEASE!



I super recommend getting on the water in all cities, but the views from the boat in Praha, were jaw dropping. After our boat tour we went on a scavenger hunt for the John Lennon Wall. Certainly not the easiest thing to find, but pretty damn cool once we did! It sits on the other side of Charles Bridge and down a small street called Lazenska. Following that pathway around was a bit terrifying, I won’t lie. It was dark and a bit too quiet, but suddenly you make a left and there it was, flooded in street lights and covered in positivity.

20140520_223358 20140520_223319


Wandering through Prague was one of the best experiences and I was fortunate enough to share those short days with an incredible friend and woman. Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square were my all time favorite sites and I could have sat and stared for hours at either one. I can’t wait to go back and do the exact same thing, live.

20140519_200823 20140519_223632 20140519_200637

Next up was the long bus ride to Munich for a whirl wind 24 hour visit.


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