Biking Berlin

Berlin. My journey into Berlin started off fairly rocky. We took a 2 trains after being crammed into a car with a ton of people and then a cab to our hotel on Alexanderplatz. With this view->


We decided since we didn’t have a lot of time and there was so much to see that we would bike our way through Berlin. Possibly the best decision we’ve ever made. Our guide was amazing, it was relaxing and we saw all of the sites. Staying on Alexanderplatz was sheer perfection. Public transportation was right outside of our hotel, and the back door of the Park Inn Berlin, walked straight into the square. We spent one day on our bikes and then one day meandering through museums and strolling the streets of Berlin. That may have been one of my favorite parts and when I actually began to feel connected with the city. Part of our strolling brought us to the beautiful artwork that had been done by graffiti artists on some of the remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall (Featured pic). Now for the best part of these posts, the photos. Meet, BERLIN:

Part of the wall

Had dinner at the top, view was incredible! Reserve in advance! (TV Tower)

Beer in the park. If you don’t like strong beers, try a Raddler

 20140517_124835  20140518_104831
Check point Charlie, and me in the rain

20140518_112227 The line represents where the wall once stood, look for it throughout the city20140517_140354

One of the most moving parts of my trip to Berlin, The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:

20140517_135458 20140517_140032

This incredible  installation shows concrete blocks throughout, as you walk through the ground travels in waves the heights become taller until you start to head out. If you go into the museum below, the same blocks are seen below. It’s incredible powerful and moving. Be sure to spend some time doing this.
PS You CAN sit on these blocks, but it is requested that you not walk on them, please be mindful of what this means to others.


Possibly the only pic I’ve posted so far of this amazing man. Us in front of Brandenburg Gate

Berlin was a city of incredible history that I will certainly never forget. Being in a place that filled my history books was very impactful. As far as souvenirs are concerned, I was actually given a free piece of the wall and I decided that was the best souvenir I could have gotten. Steve left me and I continued on to Prague and the rest of my Euro-Adventures.

In the mean time, One more photo of some street art.


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