Going to Amsterdam has been on my list since I first read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was a kid. So I knew that it had to be a stop on my EuroTrip.

Steve booked us a room near Musemplien and Vondelpark. Once we landed we raced to the hotel, to change, and take this picture…

20140513_130151and drink my fave champers->


Then we bolted! We had made a reservation for a wine and cheese cruise through the Amsterdam canals. It was a perfect start to our trip. Aside from the fact that we got to run through the city, seeing everything from the boat offered such a different dynamic.

20140513_151840 20140513_162253

While on board we met an Aussie couple that we stole to do a trip through the red light district. Sorry, no pictures of the red light district, I will only post this one which is really just a taste of the shenanigans that we all got into…


(I can’t even center the picture at this point)

Steve and I ended up heading back to the hotel way later than we had originally intended, but it was so worth it. We woke up the next day to head to the Anne Frank house. Another place where photos were frowned upon. It was very interesting and made the history of Amsterdam really come to life for me. Next up was a land of Museums! We went to the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, and of course, the Heineken museum.

20140514_100430 20140514_084106 20140514_112609 20140514_092207

(I saw my first Warhol!)

That night was fairly low-key, because next on the agenda was Keukenhof. If you don’t know about this amazing place, stay tuned, there’s a whole mess of pictures on the way. Keukenhof is home to the most incredible flowers. I’ve never seen myself as a flower type person, but now, I’m not so sure. Don’t believe me….?


We had dinner that night at an authentic restaurant called Tomaz. The food was incredible, the service outstanding. I felt like I was in a small family place and I never wanted to leave.

20140515_154604 20140515_163725

However, eventually, we did need to leave, and travel to Berlin. The people of Amsterdam were incredible. They were kind, warm, and personable. Even in my drunken state the first night while I tried to navigate us to the hotel, they were helpful. You can’t beat that! One spot that I can’t seem to find a picture of is the flower market, so cool to walk through. And in case you didn’t know what Amsterdam was known for (aside from those gorgeous tulips) it’s Delft. Royal delft is the blue and white tiles and porcelain objects that you find. While we were walking to the flower market we saw a small antique shop selling the delft. We went in and saw amazing style dating back to the 1500’s. I ended up scoring a tile from 1620 in near perfect condition. These tiles were originally used on the sides of homes.

So before we venture off to Berlin, Germany, here are a few more pictures just incase you hadn’t already realized how spectacular this city is.



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