Dear Mr. Demanding,

English: Jump! Deutsch: Spring!

English: Jump! Deutsch: Spring! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve never had trouble starting a new relationship. I always try to make myself available and constantly try to be there for the other person. I do check up calls or texts, I respond pretty quickly. And quite honestly, if i want to make time for you, I will.

However, I work 2-3 12 hour shifts a week at one place, and another 1-2 shifts somewhere else. I don’t always have time to be your beckon call girl and really, I don’t want to be. You need your own life, and I need mine. But you’ve got to work with me. I work hard so I can play hard. I try not to cancel either, if I do it’s normally for work not just because (ok sometimes it’s just because, but mostly it’s work). 

One of my biggest pet peeves is being made to feel guilty because of my work ethic. I WORK. GET OVER IT.

Hell, I write most of my blogs from work!

I suppose I’m just at a place in my life that I want someone who will try just as hard to see me as I do them, and if they don’t then I just want to move on. I’m tired of putting myself out there to be put back down.

As with any aspect of your life, if you don’t put in the effort, how can you possibly expect others to.

So to you Mr. Demanding, questioning my schedule and making me feel like you should come first (after only one date might I add) RELAX. The more you stress me, the farther you get from seeing me.


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