if you have nothing nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough

A woman thinking

A woman thinking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On a daily basis I try to surround myself with people that make me better, stronger, even brighter. When I wake up I try not to think about how tired I am, or stressed, or overwhelmed. I try to live each day in the moment and make each day better.

However, while I’m working, I can’t change my co-workers. I can’t avoid them or pretend they aren’t there. I have to swallow the aggravation, take a deep breath and try again. There is one coworker in particular that can’t seem to tolerate me. I think it’s because I find nothing that he does amusing. We don’t really talk, because honestly I just have nothing to say. He is the prime example of my trying to think of something NICE to say or to find in him. That is my struggle whenever we’re scheduled together.

I guess I should explain what I do. I am an x-ray tech and I work side-by-side with a nurse at an urgent care center near me. The day has me (the x-ray tech), one nurse, and one to two doctors. That’s our clinical staff. That’s it. So we need to work relatively closely considering we aren’t in the same department.

So back to my frustration. On a fairly regular basis we are scheduled together and he proceeds to do NOTHING. He seems to be under the impression that because he is the nurse on staff he doesn’t need to help clean, or run back and forth to patient rooms i.e. nebulizers and treatments. He keeps wanting to teach me how to give injections so that he doesn’t have to. Learning to give injections is definitely part of my job here, however, I need to go through training before that happens, which is something he seemingly forgets whenever he sees me. I am apparently not alone in my struggle in dealing with superiority complex, a fellow x-ray tech has complained about the same thing. At least, it’s not just me. Sometimes I just want to be a fly on the wall and see how he treats everyone else. Then I may feel better about it.

Today, we are scheduled together. He is in the back eating breakfast and here I sit, typing away, venting to whoever is reading this. Or not reading this. I think we’ve said in total 10 words to one another in the past hour. I’m trying to think of something good about him. I REALLY AM! But because of our lack of communication it’s hard to find something. I don’t know if he’s a good person who helps the homeless, or plays with shelter dogs in his spare time. I don’t know if he buys his girlfriend flowers every day just to make her smile or takes care of his elderly parents when he goes home. Realistically, he probably does none of these things and really just doesn’t want to be here.

My thought process today is going to be reminding myself that it’s not me. It’s him. HE has the problem. HE has the issue. HE has something going on in his life that HE is not happy with. So rather than struggling to find something nice to say, I’m going to remember that it’s not always my fault, do my job in my regular chipper attitude, and then go and burn off my aggravation at the gym tonight.



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