Dear Cupid

Cupid by Michelangelo, Musee du Louvre

Cupid by Michelangelo, Musee du Louvre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve discussed previously, my boyfriend and I broke up rather recently, 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. A break up that I saw coming but still didn’t want to happen. As we often do, I was holding on, fighting for any last shred of relationship that I could grab.

In my attempt to not only move on from him but also to something new I of course confided in my girls. Where would I be without them? Well I wouldn’t be on a dating site that’s for sure. Yet, there I was setting up a profile with the help of my best friend. I have to say probably one of the absolute strangest things I’ve ever done. Telling someone about yourself in writing, yet basically selling yourself. “Why yes, I am fresh out of a relationship, why did we break up you ask? umm….well….where should I start?” There’s the obvious, he was a douche response, or it just didn’t work but that never really flies. I mean, there’s got to be more right? And there always is, but no one wants to divulge all of that information.

My personal favorite was what are you doing with your life right now? Well, if I were to answer honestly it’s working, working, and more working. That’s what I do a lot. But being an overworked stressball is not particularly appealing to the opposite (imagine that).

In any case, I filed out the ridiculous questions that are supposed to help others decide whether they thought I was suitable. Yeah, ok, the real question was how hot were my pictures.

Within one week I had recieved over 100 messages with the better part of those being “Hi, you’re gorgeous” or my personal favorite “Hi, I’m X, what are you doing tonight, want to get naked?” Yes, yes I do, in my shower ALONE. It’s been about a month now and quite honestly it’s not only overwhelming, but going on the site is simply daunting and really contributes to my loss of faith in men as a whole.

So, my page is on it’s way down, as soon as I can remember my password, because really, I’m an old fashioned kind of girl. I’d much rather get wasted at a bar and make some bad decisions. Kidding. Kind of.


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