Vacationing control freak

So it seems to be that when ever something drastic happens in my life that I have no control over, I feel the need to create another drastic change but this time it’s one that I get to completely pick apart, overanalyze and plan down to the letter.

About 2 weeks ago the man I was dating, decided that he no longer wanted to be with me and that that was “best” for me. Then I accepted a new job at an urgent care center doing x-ray (among other things). So as everything began to spin around me, both good and bad, so I for some reason needed to control something.

So in response to the up and down, I booked a trip to Europe. I booked my flight to Lisbon, Barcelona and Amsterdam and then I leave for home from Frankfurt. I will have 2 weeks between Amsterdam and Frankfurt to travel around. So much to plan!

If you have any tips, please let me know! I can’t wait to see and do everything! Nearly 5 years ago I took a month in Australia and had no nerves, no fears, no problems. But this…this has me intimidated. The language barrier alone has me completely unnerved. I know it’ll be amazing, but now I get to control something. Europe…it’s on.


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