you’re gonna miss me till the day you die

I will never understand why men decide to break up with or cheat on amazing women. More often than not I have found that those asshole men end up retreating back to the amazing women they had once left for greener pastures.

That is frequently my life. Every man, or should I say boy, I’ve ever been with has always come back to me. Some have taken longer than others, the max was about a year, but most contact me within a month. Each relationship ended for a myriade of reasons. Some cheated, some thought I was crazy or needy, and some simply came to the conclusion that I wasn’t the one. All are “valid” reasons for ending said relationship except the “crazy” one.

Women are always labeled as crazy. I get told I’m crazy because I’m bold. I go after what I want, when I want it and I make things happen for myself. I’ve been told I’m a bitch because I speak my mind and you’re going to know exactly how I’m feeling. I am the most upfront person. I hide nothing and I’m ok with that, less confusion that way. However, it seems that at first in relationships guys think that’s a bad thing. Then they leave me or treat me like dirt and find a girl who smiles and laughs at everything but has no opinion, or gets angry and says nothing. These women are the types that inevitably bring said man running, clawing back to me.

Really I want to know why the word crazy is always used to describe women who are strong, bold, rash, upfront, and, as I said earlier, AMAZING. Crazy is negative. We are not crazy. We are powerful. It just so happens that the men are too intimidated by that strength.

So, my note to women, stay crazy.

To the men, wise the fuck up.

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