one step forward, no steps back

It appears that everything works itself out. I had an incredible date this weekend with a man who I saw every day until he had to leave for a work trip for 10 days.

I’ve never been a believer in love at first sight, and I still don’t think I would call it that. It was more like love at first sarcastic comment. I can be a lot to handle I have a very sarcastic personality so any man that is in my life needs to be able to handle that and many can’t, but it seems that he can, which is wonderful obviously. It’s hard, he seems so perfect right now and I’ve become so jaded that I almost start looking for screw up and once they happen I immediately start pushing, secretly hoping he’ll chase me. Oddly enough, he’s already figured that out so I guess that means something.

As far as the ex, I blocked him from most of my page and deleted all of his friends. I think I just need to let go of the dream that we could be friends. I know if he were to find out about this guy he would stop being my friend anyway, and I’m not willing to risk this new happiness by holding onto my past.

It’s time to keep going forward and stop reflecting and focusing on the past. I never realized until just recently how much I was holding onto, and not just my most recent relationship, but a little bit form a lot. If anyone has any tips to help release, I’m all for them!

For now, I’m going to step out of that icky grey area, and bask in the white glow. It feels amazing.


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