girls girl

Secretly I’ve always wanted to be a “girls girl.” That woman with lots of girl friends, who go out, have dinner parties and travel together. You know, like that real housewives show minus the crazy drama. However, I’ve never been one of those girls.

Instead, in high school I had lots of guy friends until many of them decided it wasn’t cool to have a girl sitting with them. The girls that I was friends with were few and even before I left high school we had drifted.

However, once I reached LA I stupidly assumed that girls would be better with me-WRONG! I learned that many only wanted to be my friend to get somewhere, so once again I became closer with the guys. We were never in competition for anything so it made being friends easy.

Now I work with mostly women. And unfortunately still have the same problems. Coworkers have complained that I’m too pretty, too bubbly, too nice, too friendly, too blah blah blah. So even now at 26, I can’t figure out how to be a girls girl.

Truth be told, I am bubbly, probably too nice sometimes, frequently overly friendly (until you burn me) and stereotypically pretty. However, I’m also sarcastic, kinda bitchy, and way too honest for my own good.

So what’s the secret? How does one become the illusive girls girl? Especially when they never have been…or is it possible that it’s simply too late for me? So rather than having a group of women that all get along, I have my few that I hang out with separately and never will they mix…well maybe at some point.

If anyone has any tips to turn me into a girls girl please feel free to share.


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