who do you dress for?

Every once in a while I hear people say “women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women.” And I start to think….noooooo, we don’t. Then I put on my crisscross top that no man could get me out of, my super skinny jeans that need to be yanked off, and my super high boots just to lock them in even more. Yeah, maybe I don’t dress for men, but I don’t think I dress for women either.

Men are simple. Really all they want is a girl with enough makeup to look pretty, not trampy, and not what will get all over their sheets or face. They want jeans that show off your fabulous ass and a shirt that’s simple but shows you’re a woman. Shoes? Whatever, just wear some. Done and done.

Typically when I go to the bar or club with my girls it’s about looking better than the girl next to you. Which then breaks out the pounds of make up, and tiny clothes but that’s when we start to dress for each other. Just the other night I went to a baseball game (GO PHILS) with one of my friends. We tailgated which got a lot of male attention, 2 girls and lots of beer tends to. Our game got rained out but we weren’t done playing so we headed into the city to do some more partying. We walked in in hoodies, flip flops, and of course Phillies t-shirts, every girl around us was dressed way up. Heels, makeup and they had all fallen prey to the hipster trend that runs Philadelphia lately.

Looking around for the first five minutes I thought to myself, fuck we are waaaaaay under-dressed. I looked at a few girls going, ugh they look so cute and I’m in this, I suck, I won’t be meeting anyone tonight. And before I even finished my thought a cute boy looked at me and said “hey, did you just come from the game?” Why yes, yes I did. And it was that simple, all night some guy was talking to me. It was amazing! It was like my t-shirt was a conversation starter. And every Phil fan in the place (minus the women) came and talked to me at least once. I felt so popular, it was like high school all over again.

Looking back I wonder how many girls hated me that’s night and stood there wondering why these guys were talking to a girl in a t, flops, and rained out hair. I would have.

But really, that’s not how I typically dress. I like jeans, a cute top, little make up, and awesome shoes. Heels, boots, flops, I’m a sucker for all of them. And every once in a while my pretty low maintenance look gets attention from the people I really aim to impress, little girls. My favorite compliment it one that comes from a girl under the age of 15. It started when I went to Atlantic City one night and I overheard a little girl, about 6 tell her mom that she loved my shoes, I melted and ever since I just want little girls to look at me and go “I don’t have to take my clothes off to look pretty.” I know that sounds like an odd person to dress for but every time a young girl says she likes my top (where I’m covered) or jeans (that are tight but not a second skin) I get all excited.

Dressing for women is fine, and for men is easy, but dressing for our youth, showing girls that they can stay fully clothed and keep the cute guy, that’s who I want to impress.

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