buy a drink, get free shit

One of my part time jobs is as a promo model. In a nutshell I get paid to walk around bars and liquor stores promoting a certain brand or product. Once you purchase said product I give you free stuff. It’s often a key chain, koosie, t shirt. Simple things.

Every once in a while though we have a big event. Owners show up, there’s cardboard involved. It becomes a big deal. Or we have events where us girls are still running things but our giveaways are crazy!

Last year we had a build your own cupcake event. Costumers bought the drink, came up, picked and then decorated a cupcake. And they were pretty good too! As the event wore on though the company realized how few cupcakes we were actually getting rid of so it became watch the promo models decorate cupcakes and give them to you. I had one event that was supposed to take place during hurricane sandy and instead it got cancelled, CUPCAKE PARTY AT EMI’S!

Tonight was one of those weird giveaway events. We dug through the box to find keychains (normal) and then shit got strange. Next wore those headbands that you wear to the gym, those sweat bands ones, in hot pink, orange, and yellow. Then, flip flops in the same colors. Then shirts…which were only in girls sizes-completely not normal. But wait, there’s more. We’re still digging. Underneath the pile of shirts was a reusable bag and then, the kicker, BEACH TOWELS! Yes, beach towels, all branded and wonderful…

Typically we try to get rid of everything, tonight however, we just couldn’t help ourselves, everyone wanted a shirt, and the flops, and the girls loved the headbands, but lucky for us promo models, the group we asked about the towels turned us down, and we gave up. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this excited about getting free promo stuff. I’m in love! Did I mention, everything is adorable??

Oh yeah, even our uniforms were cute. So now I have the t shirts, in every color, and my uniform which is a wife-beater style.

I officially can’t wait for summer to use all of my new stuff.


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