chaos and terrorism

 [ térrə rìzzəm ]
  1. political violence: violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, carried out for political purposes

After the event that occurred in Boston I started thinking about terrorism and society’s reaction to it. Let’s be honest, there’s one goal, to cause terror. Whether the attacker in Boston was home grown or not, one thing was the end goal, to strike terror into the hearts of Bostonians, and Americans.

Some speculated that the bombings were cause by an American because of “patriot day” not being as serious as it should be. Others said it was an outside source attacking Americans on a very simple level since the event was something that many of us do daily-run. Though personally a marathon would never happen in my world.

But, back to the topic. I love Boston. I love America. I love living in this country, and unlike many Americans, I respect everyone in this country.

That being said, I was sitting awake last night wondering why most (I won’t say all) Americans only care about what happens here. There are countries all over the world, Syria, Iraq, Iran, just to name a few, that experience terror on a daily basis, yet we do and say nothing. Our thoughts, prayers and love never go out to them. Hell, in some of those countries, we help to cause the terror with airstrikes and bombings. Yet, few wonder about those people with mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends…

Yes, Boston deserves and needs our support, but doesn’t the rest of the world?

So while I sit here sending positive energy to Boston, I’m also sending it to the rest of the world. Yes, that includes Syria, Iraq, Iran, and a whole slew of others countries and the people who choose to call it home.


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