car clean out

I have found that cleaning out my car is more therapeutic that cleaning out my closet. That’s probably because I hate throwing out clothes. I love my clothes. And shoes…

Back to the point. My car is like a closet. No, really. I have 2 different pumps, boots, flip flops, clothes, promo uniforms and my lab coat for the hospital. So it really is a moving closet.

However, every few months while the staples stay (shoes and clothes) I need to get all of the promo stuff out. I’m talking hundreds of key chains, extra t shirts, sunglasses, coasters, and loads of paperwork. It took me nearly an hour to clean it out. The best find was 2 bags with 500 chap sticks that taste like cake. Yes, chap stick.

While I try to donate the extra things, or pass them off on friends what do you do with hundreds of beer keychain, and chap stick? You bring them into your place of employment and let them have at it.

I work at a hospital and am surrounded by women, so the chap stick lasted less than 8 hours before they had all been snatched up. The keychains less than a week. And in the process I felt like I was driving around and missing half of my closet.

Don’t worry though, in about a month it will be all filled up again.

x emi


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