the gas dilemma

Tonight I got a phone call from my ex saying 2 things, 1. His phone was dying and 2. He ran out of gas. Then his phone died. He ended up walking 2 miles to the nearest gas station.

The gas game is one that play regularly. Partially because I’m broke and because I’m just to busy/lazy to stop. It’s that whole, yeah, my light is on but I can definitely make it home. Or even better, “I’m running late, I’ll get it on the way home” then I leave late and everything is closed. So I end up driving around trying to find an open gas station and getting lower and lower. Oh and then there’s the “I saw a cheaper station a mile down” and when you get there the price has been raised so I keep going to find another one and alas it’s never there so I still burn myself.

When I finally get to the gas station the attendant is simply flat out mean. He doesn’t walk around the car, he doesn’t say hi, and he takes his sweet time walking over. I get that they may not love their job, but really in this economy shouldn’t we all just be happy that we have a job?

My lesson for the evening? Stop waiting for the gas light to come on. Oh and have a car charger so I can call AAA if (let’s be honest, when) I run out of gas.

x emi

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